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Andrew Searls' Anime Page News

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June-2k Moved the whole site over to in anticipation of changing ISPs.
10-July Fixed the Monash link, added Birdy the Mighty, Dragon Half, Martian Successor Nadesico, and Trigun. Created this news page to keep track of things.
20-July Xoom still doesn't have their e-mail working, so I changed all my e-mail links to my Yahoo account.
25-July Updated Warriors of the Wind and added Laputa and Weathering Continent.
28-Aug Added Perfect Blue.
5-Sept Added Sol Bianca: The Lost Legacy (OVA).
16-Oct Added Master of Mosquiton and Black Magic M-66.
18-Oct Added Kana version of the Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese.
22-Oct Added Berserk, Brain Powered, DNA2, Himiko-Den, and Maze.
7-Nov Added Shamanic Princess, and Legend of Basara. There is also now a manga page, even if it is very incomplete.
13-Nov Added Weiss Kreuz and Initial D.
28-Nov Added links to titles with specific addy's at Anime Turnpike. Added My Neighboor Totoro and Lost Universe.
1-Jan-'01 Added Gasaraki and Eden's Bowy.
13-Feb Added Irresponsible Captain Taylor.
4-Mar Added Inu Yasha, Mamotte Shugogetten, Silent Mobius, Furi Kuri, and Senkaiden Hoshin Engi.
1-Jun Added Gundress and Combustible Campus Guardress.