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29-Nov-98 I've been playing a bit with some of the images I've found around the 'net. Click on the image to see a larger version.
6-Dec-98 I've made some minor dialog changes and refinements to all three episodes in the series. Also, the first part of episode 4 is now available.
27-Dec-98 Short X-mas vacation! Added another episode idea to the list and updated Joining Forces (now three chapters done).
31-Dec-98 Waiting for a happy new years! A new story idea after watching GITS special edition. The fourth chapter in Joining Forces has a good start.
10-Jan-99 Hooray, Joining Forces is complete! I little more polish and it should be ready for the r.a.a.c..
18-Jan-99 I found better pictures for Battle Chess and something for Unwanted Surprises.
25-Jan-99 I found a title for episode 8 and an idea for episode 9.
28-Jan-99 Added the page for Ghost in the Shell: Birth of a Species.
4-Feb-99 Unwanted Surprises is complete!
1-Mar-99 By popular demand, I have added the stories in HTML format. I will put a little more work into them later, like links and colors.
15-April-99 Double Trouble got 3rd place in the Best of Ranma Fanfiction awards! Sugoi!
6-May-99 In conforming to my plans, I have moved the Ranma section towards to bottom of this page. My last story and my next two stories have nothing to with the Ranma universe, and that trend will probably continue for the forseeable future. The All Over Again series has been shelved, but I haven't gone so far as to completely abandon it.
7-May-99 The first chapter of Fushigi Bokei is nearly done. In anticipation, I've already added the FB page.
15-May-99 Two stories have been removed. The reason for this is that I plan to do a major rewrite, including converting them to screenplay format and making them sellable. Complaints can be registered with Konan, the librarian.
21-June-99 Surprise! The Ranma series has another episode in the works. Stay tuned for Equal Parts.
20-Sept-99 After spending some time on other projects, I've gotten far enough on Equal Parts to put up a teaser.
9-Oct-99 After getting much mail on the subject, I've re-added the Birth of a Species page explaining what's going on with the story.
20-July After moving everything over to Xoom, I got tired of waiting for their e-mail to work, so I changed all my e-mail links to my Yahoo account.

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