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Aliens vs Predator


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For those who wish to download over a modem, I have a ZIP file of all four parts. Also, check out my side story.


Ok, this is beyond pointless, and almost silly, but it's my page, so entertain me for a bit...


I'm not entirely convinced that Machiko has to be Asian (not that I'm against it, either). There are two actresses I think might do well. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio certainly has the look, and can be a convincing b-tch. Tamlyn Tomita might be impressive as well.


Not too many ideas here, but Sam Neil can play this type of character fairly convincingly.


Hmmmm..... Tom Berenger, maybe?

Scott and Tom

I imagine these two should be fairly close in age. I'm not sure Kevin Bacon can pull off the swaggering co-pilot bit, but it's a name to put in for now. James Spader might make a convincing pilot, Tom.


Jeri Ryan might fit this part well.

More parts as ideas and suggestions come....

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