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Andrew Searls' Screenplay Page


Current Stats:

Title State Tag Type
Systematic Abandonment Civilization, as we know it, is over. Cyber-Punk Apocalypse
Rocks Floating in the Sky Development What are we fighting for? Soverignty or sanity? Space Opera
Worst Enemy Draft The enemy within Psycho Thriller
Sacrifice (tentative title) 1st Draft All it takes is faith Sci-fi / Fantasy
Flashback Shelved It's always the quiet ones you have to watch. Present-Day Murder / Detective Flick
Battle Chess Concept   Karate Action

Other Projects:
I also have some fanfiction, stories written for fun.
Those of you looking for one of my earlier works, a rendition of Aliens vs. Predator can follow this link.


11-April-2k Systematic is about as finished as it's going to get, but I wouldn't consider it ready for prime time. It gets a good start, but the ending is too "2001" and not enough "Die Hard". Flashback (formerly known as Prodigy) is my current project, which, I hope, will hit much closer to home.
19-April Frusteration over Flashback and inspiration on Ship Mates has caused the priority of the two to be swapped. Flashback is seeming too everyday to me right now, but I might be able to incorporate the elements of Flashback that I do like into Ship Mates anyway.
1-July Merely moved the page over to my new site. Writing on Ship Mates has been painfully slow.
20-July After getting tired of waiting for Xoom to get their e-mail working, I've moved all my e-mail links to my Yahoo account.
30-Aug I've been struggling to get Ship Mates written, mainly from a lack of time for personal projects. I have come up with a better title (Rocks Floating in the Sky) and gotten a decent start on the story in prose form.
1-Nov Rocks Floating in the Sky first draft is done! It's still not ready for prime time by any means. I will probably go through a few more drafts, including conversion from prose to screenplay format, before posting it on American Zoetrope.
12-Apr-2001 Finished RFitS 2nd draft and got critiques. Started the third draft. Worst Enemy just spit itself out, and I got the first draft critiqued. I'm now mainly working on my Sacrifice story.

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Andrew Searls

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